How to Setup iptv via Simple TV?

SimpleTV is a free IPTV player developed by SergeyVS for watching IPTV and local files. 

Key features of the player

  • Highly flexible and customizable interface (the ability to change channels with a single click, the ability to customize their hotkeys, etc.)
  • Ability to play and record rtmp streams (librtmp support)
  • PIP and PiP (Ctrl + P or menu > channels > Multi PiP)
  • Downloadable program guide and scheduling program guide
  • To edit the list of files in the channels/player (move, delete, etc)
  • Various ordering channels (establishment of groups, channels, name search, advanced filter)
  • Support for LUA scripts (download channels, channel address processing during playback, etc)
  • Search for multicast channels
  • Working with UDPPROXY
  • Record up to eight channels at the same time, scheduled recording, Time Shift is a shift in time, screenshots thread
  • Run in tray mode
  • Play video files simultaneously with the flow
  • Full support WinLirc
  • And a whole lot more
right now you can download the Simple tv and the latest update

 let we start to install the player .all you need to do if you are newbie just follow me and the images,
but if you already have experience then you know what to do .

         after you download the prog just click this icon bellow

click this button

keep click this button too

be sure the first choice is activated ,then click this button

you have no problem just keep download this button too

wait few seconds until finish

right now go to click this button to finish

if you would like to change the interface language just click here if you want it as it just click OK

here some languages choice which your comfortable one

after choice your language just click OK

you will see this windows just be choice where the prog save files for me i like this settings so you can make it as me if you like 

then click cancel

right now let we turn off simpletv player

do you remember the update file which you downloaded from above just extract it and copy all file 

go to your DESKTOP and right click on simple tv icon then choice the OPEN FILE LOCATION

when you are in the simple tv file location on any empty place just make right click and the PASTE the file which you copied or CTRL + V to paste

then accept to replace all files

remark do this for all current items then click CONTINUE 

right now all files saved  so close it and go to desk top then run the simple tv player

after you run it just let we delete all old channels

now all old deleted  so be attention because we going to add iptv links . just on simple tv screen on any where just right click the FILE the the OPEN URL. or you can use shortcut just click CTRL + N

right now bring live iptv url the enter it in this box the click OK

here the result you can be relax watching your channel

if you would like to insert PLAYLIST  just follow the image bellow but sure after you already m3u file 

if you have any question feel free to leave yours in comment ,if you find this post useful just share it with your friends .


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